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2015 Prophetic Word for Women of Excellence

2015 Prophetic Word for Women of Excellence


I will pour out My oil upon My daughters. They will know that “I Am the I Am”. There is a river of oil that is beginning to flow from the heavens and all of those who are in position to receive will receive. The voices of the angels will begin to shout Glory to the Lord of Lords. My glory shall saturate this earth. Let them bow before My voice. Let the earth rejoice at the sound of My voice. My voice will be heard throughout this earth. I will give you ears to hear.

I have been calling, I have been seeking, and now I will reap and so shall you. Great glory, great blessings shall come. I will restore that which has been broken. I will cause those things that are not, to be so. I will cause miracles to manifest before thine eyes. I will cause the story of Job to be your latter end. (I ask the Lord for explanation of this and I heard Him say, Job’s latter end was even greater than his beginning and you will have his latter end upon you so that you will not lose one thing).

Do not despise the smallness of your beginnings, for in a little while you will flourish. I will cause those beginnings to flourish from the moment you set your eye to see. I will do all that I have called upon you to do. I have made provisions, I have opened doors, I have caused things to be in place.

There is an open heaven and I will pour out holiness, divine joy and love upon my people. I will cause many to love My people with a liquid heart of love. There will be those I will put before you that have never known such love. They will become frustrated by which they do not understand but My love will sustain. Their hearts will belong to Me for I will give you a heart to endure their frustration. You shall not back away but press into them. My love for My people shall sustain you.

You will know that this is no ordinary love but a love that only I can give. My heart will become your heart and many shall see. I will pour out my love and oil upon you.

Those who walk in darkness shall see My light upon you. You shall shine with a heavenly light. The world shall know that this is no ordinary light and will be drawn to it. Many shall come and many shall be set free. Many shall rejoice at the works of My hand.

Do not fear in what I shall do because I will do it, not you. I will work a work through you that this age has not seen nor heard. My heart shall rejoice in you, saith the Lord. Know My daughters you have been chosen and I have set my approval upon thee. I will cause your life, your world, to never be the same. My hand is upon you. My hand is upon you.

I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper and to draw My people unto Me. For I will pour out My spirit upon thee. Many are the snares of the enemy but you will overcome. For I will cause not one to stop My purpose in you.

Listen to My instructions and move only when I say move, say only what I say to speak. Know My daughters I have set things in place. I have caused things to be moved out of your way to do My purpose. Do not be slack, do not delay, and do not cause envy and strife to enter into My plan for you. Be vigilant and strong in My purpose. Keep your eyes upon Me and know that I, yes I, have called you to this.

I have not called you to bow to man but man to bow to the Me in you. Many are the traps of the enemy.

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2015 Prophetic Word for Women of Excellence
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