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Victory Belongs To Jesus

Victory Belongs To Jesus

By Nicki Bradley

If He can part the Red Sea for the Israelite, He can do it for you and I. (Exodus 14)

There are times when people are faced with many afflictions and often ask God will the suffering ever be over. When will the emotional pain, spiritual distress, or physical pain come to a cease? I’m sure this is how the woman with the issue of blood felt as she battled with her physical condition for twelve years; spending all her money on physicians only to walk away penniless and hopeless. (Luke 8:43-48)

But then there came an interruption one day during Jesus’ journey as He was headed to heal the daughter of a synagogue ruler by the name of Jairus, this day changed the woman’s circumstances. As she pressed through the crowd with a determination in her spirit discerning that if, she could only “touch the hem of His garment” that would bring total healing and restoration to her body. The bible tells each of us that we can have total victory in every area of our life and this truth have to be instill in our hearts, mind, body, and soul. Victory is not earned through education or by hearing a good Sunday message, it is already freely given to you because redemption was completed on the cross through Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.

So no matter what difficult situation you are facing begin today to have an attitude of faith and expectancy and declare victory over it. You need to begin seeing yourself blessed and not defeated, because victory belongs to JESUS!!

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Stephanie Whitted is the Founder and President of Women of Excellence Inc. She is an ordained Minister and Stephanie and her husband James has three children.

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